Dalton education
with a laptop!

We work with laptops since this fits well with our vision of education. Working with laptops both inside and outside the classrooms aligns seamlessly with the core values of our Dalton education: responsibility, independence, collaboration, reflection and effectiveness. To unite the best of both worlds, we have opted for blended learning. On the one hand, we use the advantages of ICT in the classroom; on the other hand, we don’t neglect the trusty (work) book.

Bespoke work: the possibility of aligning better with students’ individual capacities. This way, we can offer help assignments and in-depth teaching material in addition to the basic learning route. With laptops, it’s also easier to practice better, to repeat and to search for information.
Contemporary education: digital literacy and media savviness is essential for continuing education and for finding work in a society that is increasingly digital.
Independence: by using a laptop, students are not bound to a particular location and schedule for gaining and processing knowledge, but can get to work at any time and anywhere.
Collaboration: laptops make it easier for students to work together digitally and to learn cooperatively. 

What are the costs of working with the laptop?
This depends on your choice:

  • You can buy or rent a laptop via The Rent Company. The Rent Company has developed the all-in-1 Easy4u device subscription in order to provide students with a good device, focused on the educational institution, and at low cost. The devices are offered at competitive rates for rental or purchase, including the Total Care Pack for service, guarantee and coverage for damage and theft. The range of offerings that HLML has put together can be found in this order flyer.
  • You can purchase or use your own laptop, but it must comply with the minimum specifications in order to be used in the school network. These specifications are: Processor: lntel 13 or better, Wireless: AC Dual band (2,4Ghz/5Ghz) or better, Video card: HD Graphics 520 or better, Memory: 8GB or more, Storage: 128 GB SSD or better, Network card: 10/100/1000 and a battery that lasts for +/- 7 hours.
  • If you cannot or will not pay for a laptop, please contact us for a bespoke solution. For this, please send a mail to info@haarlemmermeerlyceum.nl
Order flyer The Rent Company