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Lyceum handbook

We have gathered important topics about our school in the Lyceum handbook. Here you’ll find all the information about the organisation, school hours, class timetables, parents’ contribution and school regulations. What can the student council contribute? Why is a parent council important? And what does it do? Naturally, we also have a participation council (MR) so that parent(s)/guardian(s), students and staff have a say in the school.

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The Haarlemmermeer Lyceum offers various types of support to students and parent(s)/guardian(s). Can’t find what you’re looking for? Then please get in touch with us or check the Lyceum handbook dalton or Lyceum handbook bilingual.

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School program NPO

NPO (National Education Program) was created by the government in response to the corona crisis. The government invests extra money in terms of a compenstion for schools to invest in the social-emotional and cognitive development of pupils and students, and to make up for any delays caused by the Corona virus. The school program NPO is a plan of action in which we specifically describe what Haarlemmermeer Lyceum will do with this money over the next two school years.

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Student council

Share thoughts? Participate? Want to have a say in matters that are important to you as a student? Then join the Student Council! When you’re at school, it’s often fun to do more than just take classes. At HLML, you get the chance to share thoughts, to act and talk about matters that concern you as students. 
The Student Council is involved with arranging and co-organising activities that are in the interest of all students and the atmosphere at school. They are also involved in drawing up the student charter. This charter documents all of the students’ rights and obligations. Both students and staff must comply with this document.

Student charter

Parent Council
The Haarlemmermeer Lyceum has had an active parent council for many years. The parent council is a contact point between the parent(s)/guardian(s) on the one hand and school management on the other. It has a signalling and advisory function toward the school management. There are approximately sixteen parents on the parent council. Additional information about the parent council can be found in the Lyceum handbook.

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This page contains information about choosing your profile. Can’t find what you’re looking for? Then please get in touch with us.

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Via the link below (click button) you will find some information about the choice of profiles and orientation for future courses at the further education studies.

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