Bilingual Education

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As soon as you enter our premises, you’ll notice the flags of various countries and a map indicating where our students come from. They come from all corners of the globe; from the Netherlands to Australia and from England to Russia. We are a truly international community where every student can and may be who they are. This uniqueness makes our school special: we love to learn from and with each other!

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Education Offerings

We live in an increasingly internationally oriented world. To make a difference in this world, you need to learn a lot about the world, about others, and about yourself. For this reason, Bilingual Education at Haarlemmermeer Lyceum is much more than just a superior command of the English language. To communicate effectively with everyone, a high level of language proficiency in one’s own language is also crucial, and you must be able to show understanding for others’ culture, background, and/or norms and values. Lastly, learning about yourself. Personal development is highly valued in our approach. Aligned with the so-called ‘IB learner profile’ (a competency profile for students in international schools), we strive to educate our students to become responsible, curious, open-minded, and critical global citizens.

Are you aiming for Olympic gold, a successful career abroad, or do you prefer to let your talent flourish in your own city? Whatever your vision is, at HLML, it’s possible! With bilingual education, the Dalton approach, elite sports programs, and international education all offered at one high school, nothing stands in your way to bring out the best in yourself. All you have to do is discover what you excel at, so that together, we can nurture your talent. What suits you? Watch the videos below.

Competence of a Bilingual Education Student

Being able to wonder and wanting to explore, adopting an open-minded attitude, and being able to ask critical and insightful questions are competencies highly valued at HLML Bilingual. These competencies, in addition to all subject-specific knowledge, can make a difference. For this reason, we dedicate a significant amount of attention throughout the entire school period to the development of these competencies.

A window to the world

From the very first day, your journey as a future global citizen begins. Through various travels, you become more globally aware and independent. Ultimately, when you leave our school, you will be ready, and the world can expect a lot from you. Examples of our trips include our London trip in the second year, the city trip in the upper years of havo and vwo, and exchanges within Europe in all third-year classes, as well as exchanges with China and Indonesia in the upper years.

Is Bilingual Education at HLML for everyone?

Is Bilingual Education at HLML for everyone?
Bilingual Education is available at all levels. Whether you’re in vmbo, havo, or vwo, it doesn’t matter. Even if you have dyslexia, Bilingual Education can be a good idea. In fact, for dyslexic students, Bilingual Education is often a pleasant way to learn English. You don’t just have to write and spell; you also hear and speak the language a lot. It might require a bit more effort, but it’s more than worth it!

Hier werken we met Vakoverstijgend en Taalgericht (vak)onderwijs

Naast het volgen van een onderwijsprogramma per vak gaan leerlingen middels het IMYC (International Middle Years Program) projectmatig en vakoverstijgend aan de slag. Het IMYC programma bestaat uit zogenaamde units van 6 tot 8 weken. Elke unit is opgebouwd rondom een thema en een Big Idea, een uitdagend concept dat fungeert als link tussen de vakken. Meer verbinding tussen vakken maakt onderwijs meer betekenisvol. Het geeft inzicht in samenhang en nog veel belangrijker…..het maakt het leren ook vaak veel leuker.

Taal is zeg maar echt ons ding… Goed kunnen communiceren, beargumenteren, lezen en schrijven vinden wij belangrijk. Taal is en blijft het middel om kennis op te doen, het is van onschatbare waarde voor studiesucces en voor de toekomstige beroepscontext. Taalondersteunende methodes als CLIL en taalgericht vakonderwijs spelen een belangrijke rol hierbinnen. Van lezen voor eigen plezier tot examenteksten, van spreekbeurt voor de klas tot de deelname aan (internationale) debattoernooien. Taal is belangrijk en daar handelen we naar.

Leerlingen aan het woord

Het lijkt me superleuk om de wereld te verkennen Robin ( Tweetalig onderwijs )
In the beginning it was hard to learn Dutch but it’s gotten much easier Hailey ( International student )
Het Haarlemmermeer Lyceum helpt mij heel erg in mijn turn carrière Léon ( Turner Nederlands team )