Registration procedure

Will we see you soon as a first-year student?

As published, the boards of the secondary education secondary schools in Haarlemmermeer have decided to draw lots if a school receives too many applicants. For you as a student, this means that you register at the secondary school of your first choice. Please note! To validate your registration, you must also fill in the Registration Form for Secondary Education Haarlemmermeer in addition to your first-choice secondary education school registration form. On this application form you also indicate your second or third choice school (in addition to your first choice). This is important if your first-choice school unexpectedly doesn’t draw your name.

This application form will be available at your primary school from mid-February and will be provided by the grade 8 teacher. If you don’t attend a primary school in the Haarlemmermeer, your teacher will still have these forms for the Haarlemmermeer. If they don’t have the forms, then contact your preferred secondary education school.

The application form and the registration form

Here is a digital example of the paper application form. Click here for an exact explanation of how to fill in the application form.

If you have any questions, it’s best to ask your own teacher first. But here are answers to a few FAQs about the lottery procedure in the Haarlemmermeer.

Naturally, you can also get in touch with the contact persons at the HLML:
Baron de Coubertin location (tto): Ms. E. Sartori

Dalton location: Mw. L. Schl├╝ter.

The Haarlemmermeer Lyceum registration form can be found below. You must fill this in, print it and submit it to the 8th grade teacher together with the official application form. Your teacher will ensure that this registration form and the application form reach us by 13 March. If you live outside the Haarlemmermeer, then you send both forms to your first-choice Secondary education school. The moment we have received your application form and registration form and we offer education that aligns with your recommendation, then your application is official.